Group announces next campaigns to legalize pot

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After victories in Colorado and Washington, the Marijuana Policy Project is looking ahead to campaigns to legalize marijuana in at least seven states.

In his year-end analysis, MPP executive director Rob Kampia said he’s hearing many people ask, “What states will be next to enact measures to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol?”

Kampia said there are seven states where “tax and regulate” or “T & R” measures might be enacted in the next several years.

The states are:

• Alaska: Where MPP says polling shows voter support for legalizing marijuana via a 2014 ballot initiative is high.

• Rhode Island: Where medical marijuana was legalized in 2009 and a successful decriminalization bill was moved in 2012.

• Maine: Where there are plans to move a bill in 2013, local ballot measures in 2014 and a statewide ballot measure in 2016.

• Oregon: Where there are plans to pass a bill in 2013 and, if necessary, a ballot measure in 2016.

• California: Where a ballot initiative is planned for 2016.

• Massachusetts: Where there was a successful decriminalization initiative in 2008, a successful medical marijuana campaign in 2012 and a likely legalization initiative in 2016.

• Nevada: Where a ballot initiative is likely in 2016.