Gay stylist refuses to do anti-equality governor's hair

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Equality supporters have long joked that if gay men wanted to teach homophobic Republican women a lesson, they could stop doing their hair, designing their clothes and decorating their homes.

A popular gay hair stylist in Santa Fe, N.M., apparently took that jest to heart recently when he refused to cut Republican Gov. Susana Martinez’s hair over her opposition to marriage equality.

Antonio Darden, who has cut Martinez’s hair a few times, turned down her recent request for an appointment. He followed up by announcing in a television interview that he would never touch her layered bob again until she dropped her opposition to gay marriage.

“I am going to let all gay people know (to) stop serving you, stop providing you with what you need,” Darden said in a voice mail that the governor’s office inexplicably shared with reporters.

In fact, Martinez has stoked the controversy by firing back at Darden. The governor’s office announced to the press that it had received calls from at least 10 stylists this week offering their services.


+3 2 amigay 2012-02-25 07:40
:-x from the lools of her, a new haircut won't help.
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+6 1 Cliff LeJeune 2012-02-24 07:52
You dont see professionals that are good at what they do going around trying to find people to offer their services. I am extremely proud of this stylist. If she can't support him, then he shouldn't help her. Beware of the stylist offering their services. They are either desperate or want revenge.
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