Feminist protest at opening of Barbie's 'Dreamhouse Experience'

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Feminist protesters disrupted the opening of the Barbie "Dreamhouse Experience" in Belin, saying that it objectifies women.

The giant pink dollhouse promoting the doll made by Mattel Inc. allows paying visitors to try on Barbie's clothes, cook in her kitchen and play her pink piano.

Protesting in front of the house, a topless woman with the protest group Femen set fire to a Barbie doll tied to a crucifix.  Across her chest, the slogan "Life in plastic is not fantastic," was scrawled across her chest in Sharpie.

"There's too much emphasis on becoming more beautiful and on being pretty and that puts an awful lot of pressure on girls as well as wasting capacities which they could use to simply be happy or for school," said Stevie Meriel Schmiedel, a founding member of the "Pink Stinks" protest group.

"We're protesting because Barbie would not be able to survive with her figure and yet she is an idol for many girls and that's not healthy," she said.

A male protester in a wig, pink shirt and shimmering skirt held a poster reading: "Do you like me now?"