Fair Wisconsin PAC announces endorsements

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Tammy Baldwin is running for the U.S. Senate. - PHOTO: Baldwin for Senate flickr

The Fair Wisconsin PAC has announced its endorsements for the Nov. 6 general election.

The PAC’s mission is to advance LGBT equality “through strategic electoral activity, by working to elect pro-fairness individuals in local, state and federal races in Wisconsin.”

Endorsed candidates include:

President: Barack Obama

U.S. Senate: Tammy Baldwin

U.S. Congress:

District 2: Mark Pocan

District 7: Pat Kreitlow

District 8: Jamie Wall

Wisconsin State Senate:

District 6: Nikiya Harris

District 16: Mark Miller

District 18: Jessica King

District 24: Julie Lassa

District 26: Fred Risser

District 30: Dave Hansen

District 32: Jen Shilling

Wisconsin State Assembly:

District 3: Kole Oswald

District 7: Daniel Riemer

District 8: JoCasta Zamarripa

District 10: Sandy Pasch

District 12: Fred Kessler

District 18: Evan Goyke

District 19: Jon Richards

District 20: Chris Sinicki

District 30: Diane Odeen

District 34: Merlin Van Buren

District 37: Mary Arnold

District 42: Paula Cooper

District 44: Deb Kolste

District 45: Janis Ringhand

District 46: Gary Hebl

District 47: Robb Kahl

District 48: Melissa Sargent

District 49: Carol Beals

District 51: Maureen May-Grimm

District 53: Ryan Flejter

District 54: Gordon Hintz

District 56: Richard Schoenbohm

District 57: Penny Bernard-Schaber

District 62: Melissa Lemke

District 66: Cory Mason

District 71: Katrina Shankland

District 72: Justin Pluess

District 73: Nick Milroy

District 74: Janet Bewley

District 76: Chris Taylor

District 77: Terese Berceau

District 78: Brett Hulsey

District 79: Dianne Hesselbein

District 80: Sondy Pope-Roberts

District 81: Fred Clark

District 85: Mandy Wright

District 90: Eric Genrich

District 92: Chris Danou

District 94: Steve Doyle

District 95: Jill Billings

District 97: Marga Krumins