Christians claim poll shows they're persecuted by gays

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A far-right religious organization says a poll it conducted shows nearly half of all Americans believe marriage equality advocates are persecuting Christians.

The fundamentalist Christian website WorldNetDaily (WND) also says its poll shows that one in three Democrats believes the persecution of Christians is “necessary.”

Conducted by WND/WENZEL, the poll reflects a growing strategy among anti-gay Christians to try positioning themselves rather than LGBT people as the true victims in the culture wars. They claim policies and laws that prevent them from engaging in anti-gay discrimination infringe on their religious freedom. They charge that progressives have vilified them as “haters” merely for acting on their faith.

According to WND, its “scientific telephone survey was conducted April 19-21 and has a margin of error of 3.23 percentage points. It found that 49.2 percent of all respondents consider the legal activism against Christians and their beliefs regarding homosexuality to be ‘persecution.’”

In administering the survey, pollsters first presented participants with a scenario designed to influence the outcome. The poll began with the statement, “There is a trend developing in which gay activists are filing lawsuits against people who refuse to do business with them on moral/religious grounds – such as when a New Mexico photographer was sued by a lesbian couple for refusing to photograph their wedding.”

The statement was followed by a question: “Knowing this, which of the following statements most closely represents what you think about this?”

More than two of three Republicans and 45 percent of independents said the scenario represented “persecution of Christians.” One-third of Democrats agreed.

But 31 percent of Democrats, as well as 12 percent of Republicans and 24 percent of independents, said, “such tactics are necessary.”

The problem with Christians seeking the mantle of victimization is that anti-gay laws, discrimination and hate crimes continue to destroy – and even end – the lives of countless LGBT people around the globe in the name of Christianity. The reverse simply isn’t true. When is the last time you saw a report about Christians being bashed or denied the right to marry?

As the blog site put it, the fundamentalists’ claims make as much sense as them saying, “Stop persecuting Christians by getting your gay heads in the way of (our) baseball bats!”

The attempt to use an obviously biased poll to try gaining sympathy for people who practice a religion that’s built around an obsession with other people’s sex lives is not likely to succeed.hate

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