Beep beep: Barack Obama’s pledge for marriage equality drives love bug tour

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The Legalize Love love bug. - PHOTO: Provided

Two gay rights activists have launched the Legalize Love tour in support of President Barack Obama’s re-election bid.

The couple is cruising 2,400 miles – from coast to coast – in a 2010 VW beetle decorated in 1,000 “Legalize Love” bumper stickers.

Along the journey, they are stopping to talk with voters and activists and to share T-shirts, wristbands and other campaign products.

The road trip is taking the pair from their home in Los Angeles to Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington in advance of the Nov. 6 balloting, when voters in those states will decide questions on marriage equality.

Cisneros said he wanted to make sure the “president’s support for equal marriage is heard loud and clear so they also vote for equality. Because of a tight national race, the president might not be able to hammer home his support for gay marriage so we are stepping in to make sure that message gets out no matter what.”

Montgomery said, “Obama has been a game-changer on this issue and we’re campaigning our hearts out because we believe that the president is the secret weapon to move and inspire voters.”

The two men said they are hearing shouts of “faggots” from people they pass but mostly they are getting lots of thumbs up on the trip.

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