Are anal tattoos the next big fad in body art?

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Anal tattoos were the all the buzz at the 17th annual Florida Tattoo Expo, held at a Coral Springs convention center last weekend. A young woman was the subject of a demonstration, her butt pertly displayed as a tattoo artist inked her rectum. Spectators ambled by, gawking and expressing opinions.

Asked about the pain factor, the model replied, “Dude, it feels so f---ing good, so good.”

The model told passersby that she had two boyfriends’ names already inscribed on her anus – one of them presumably an ex.

“It’s kind of a neat thing to do,” one male observer told the New Times Broward-Palm Beach. He described ass tats as pretty “cool.”

Others disagreed, but many at the convention predicted that butt ink is about to become the hot new thing.

The expo is one of two major fundraising events that contributes proceeds to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.