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Cub scout pack would defy Boy Scouts of America’s gay ban

Written by WiG Monday, 15 October 2012 07:23

A cub scout pack in Beverly, Mass., says it will not abide by the Boy Scouts of America’s policy that bans gay scouts and scout leaders.

“We have been and will always be open and affirming, and will never turn our backs on a child or adult that seeks to embrace the core values found at the heart of Scouting,” Pack 4 Cubmaster Tony Gangi said.

Moderate U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter remembered

Written by AP,
Wig reports
Monday, 15 October 2012 04:43

Arlen Specter, a pugnacious and prominent former moderate in the U.S. Senate who developed the single-bullet theory in President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and played starring roles in Supreme Court confirmation hearings, lost a battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at a time when Congress is more politically polarized than anyone serving there – or living in America – can remember.

Specter, 82, died Sunday, after spending much of his career in the U.S. Senate warning of the dangers of political intolerance.

Anti-gay Westboro Baptist clan to picket lesbian soldier's funeral

Written by WiG Saturday, 13 October 2012 08:11

The anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church clan plans to picket the funeral of a lesbian soldier killed on Oct. 1 in Afghanistan.

The funeral of Sgt. Donna Johnson, 29, of Raeford, N.C., takes place on Saturday.

‘Ellen’ gives ousted gay Boy Scout $20,000

Written by AP Saturday, 13 October 2012 07:34

A Northern California Boy Scout who was denied the opportunity to become an Eagle Scout and kicked out of his troop after he came out as gay has secured a considerable consolation prize: a $20,000 check for college and a national television audience.

Ellen DeGeneres hosted 18-year-old Ryan Andresen of Moraga as a guest on her talk show on Oct. 11, which was National Coming Out Day.

Tommy Thompson's son: Send Obama back to Kenya

Written by WiG Monday, 15 October 2012 06:46

Campaigning for his father yesterday, Jason Thompson, the son of former Gov. Tommy Thompson, who’s running for the U.S. Senate, was videotaped at a Republican event saying that voters have an opportunity to send President Barack Obama back to Kenya.

"We have the opportunity to send President Obama back to Chicago – or Kenya," Jason Thompson, told listeners during a Kenosha County Republican Party event. Listeners broke into laughter and one woman added, “We are taking donations for that Kenya trip.”

‘Million Muppet March on Washington’ planned for November

Written by WiG Sunday, 14 October 2012 06:17

A social media campaign for a Million Muppet March on Washington has formed following Republican Mitt Romney’s vow to eliminate federal funding for public broadcasting and his threat to fire Big Bird and Jim Lehrer.

The MMM campaign is operating with a website, Facebook page and Twitter account and a host of graphic design artists having fun with eye-catching images.

Paul Ryan asked for federal help as he championed cuts

Written by AP Saturday, 13 October 2012 07:46

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan sought more food stamp benefits, stimulus cash and other government support behind the scenes as a member of Congress.

An Associated Press review of thousands of pages of documents found the Wisconsin Republican voiced support for the types of government assistance he now rails against as Mitt Romney's running mate.

Madison radio DJ comes out on air

Written by WiG Saturday, 13 October 2012 07:25

Aaron Rogers, a popular radio DJ and online content director at Madison’s Z-104, used the occasion of National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11, to announce to listeners that he is a proud gay man.

Katie Kruz, Rogers’ fellow on-air personality at the Clear Channel station, set up the conversation: “It’s been 25 years and I think it’s time you had something to say,” she said.

Two gay rights activists have launched a Legalize Love tour in support of President Barack Obama’s re-election bid.

They are cruising 2,400 miles – from coast to coast – in a 20120 VW beetle decorated in 1,000 “Legalize Love” bumper stickers.

Court denies adoption citing Alabama anti-gay marriage law

Written by AP Sunday, 14 October 2012 05:53

An appeals court ruled Friday that a Mobile County woman can't adopt her female partner's child because of Alabama's law defining marriage as being between a man and woman.

The Alabama Court of Civil Appeals ruled that Cari Searcy can't adopt her partner's child even though the couple was married in California. Searcy said she and Kimberly McKeand were married after responding to a contest advertised in a San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau publication asking people to write an essay explaining why the wanted to marry in California. They married in September 2008 during the brief period before same-sex marriages were banned in California by a ballot measure, Proposition 8.

Washington could become first to legalize pot sales

Written by AP Saturday, 13 October 2012 07:41

Washington state is on the verge of becoming the first in the nation to let adults over 21 buy taxed, inspected marijuana at state-licensed shops.

It might not clear up more than a decade of confusion that resulted from the state’s medical marijuana law, or reverse the proliferation of dispensaries. But supporters say passing Initiative 502 on Nov. 6 could make drug laws more reasonable, prevent thousands of arrests a year, and bring Washington hundreds of millions of dollars to help pay for schools, health care and basic government services.

Gay bashers storm bar in Moscow

Written by WiG Friday, 12 October 2012 20:03

Two dozen masked men stormed one of Moscow’s most popular gay bars early Thursday morning and brutally beat patrons — most of them women — with fists and bottles. More than 10 people were injured, and three women and a man were hospitalized after the attack, which coincided with a “Coming Out Day” party, The New York Times reported.

Russia has been heavily criticized by members of the European Union and other nations for its blatant, institutionalized discrimination toward LGBT citizens.  In the past year, three cities, including St. Petersburg, passed laws criminalizing “homosexual propaganda” – i.e., writing or saying anything about LGBT people that is not condemning. The Russian Orthodox Church is attempting to nationalize the laws.