Sotomayor answers letter from girl with lesbian moms

Written by AP,
WiG reports
Monday, 11 March 2013 08:17

A U.S. Supreme Court justice has responded to a North Carolina 11-year-old's request for a court ruling helping her same-sex parents.

The Wilson Times ( ) reports the return letter from Justice Sonia Sotomayor doesn't comment on any upcoming court cases, but encourages sixth-grader Cameron Myers Milne of Wilson to keep dreaming big.

Some African-American clergy and conservative Catholics say they’ll ban Illinois lawmakers who vote for same-sex marriage from their churches, according to

About two dozen priests and pastors joined the Catholic Conference of Illinois to form a new anti-gay religious coalition that plans to visit 75 churches tomorrow and urge their members to lobby lawmakers to oppose same-sex marriage. They also plan to purchase billboards, TV and radio ads condemning marriage equality.

Polish lawmakers protest Walesa’s anti-gay rant

Written by AP Thursday, 07 March 2013 06:27

Poland’s first openly gay and transgender lawmakers have taken seats in the front bench of Parliament to protest hostile remarks by former President Lech Walesa.

Walesa, the leading hero in Poland’s successful anti-communist struggle, said Friday that gays belong on the back rows of Parliament, or “even behind a wall.”

Playboy launches Hebrew language edition

Written by AP Wednesday, 06 March 2013 07:16

Israelis can now read Playboy "for the articles."

A U.S. emigre, Daniel Pomerantz, on March 5 launched the first Hebrew language edition of the popular men's magazine.

Queen to sign new charter that some are promoting as pro-gay

Written by WiG Sunday, 10 March 2013 16:42

Queen Elizabeth II is expected to sign a new charter for the Commonwealth tomorrow that many in the U.K. are calling the first expression of LGBT support in the monarch’s 61-year reign.

Dubbed a “21st Century Commonwealth Magna Carta,” the document declares: “We are implacably opposed to all forms of discrimination, whether rooted in gender, race, colour, creed, political belief or other grounds.”

Bill Clinton writes op-ed against Defense of Marriage Act

Written by WiG Friday, 08 March 2013 04:56

Former President Bill Clinton, who signed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, has penned an op-ed in today's Washington Post urging the Supreme Court to overturn the law.

DOMA has two main elements, one allows states to refuse to recognize gay marriages from other states and the other mandating the federal government to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages. This second provision is the subject of a Supreme Court challenge to be heard later this month, as is California's anti-gay marriage ban.

Researchers report sharp rise in 'Patriot' groups

Written by AP Wednesday, 06 March 2013 10:00

President Barack Obama's administration and the gun control debate after the Connecticut school shooting have led to surging numbers of anti-government "patriot" groups, according to a civil rights organization that tracks them.

The Southern Poverty Law Center reported the rising numbers on Tuesday in its annual report on extremist groups.

Gay group asks for apology from Scottish cardinal

Written by The Associated Press Tuesday, 05 March 2013 17:06

A Scottish cardinal who stepped down from church leadership after admitting sexual misconduct should apologize to gay people for his years of "vicious and cruel language" about them, Britain's leading gay-rights group said Monday.

Officials in the Vatican refused to say whether they would formally investigate allegations against Cardinal Keith O'Brien. He resigned last week as Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric after being accused of inappropriate behavior by three priests and a former priest.

Christine Quinn hopes to become NYC's first woman and first out gay mayor

Written by WiG
and AP reports
Sunday, 10 March 2013 12:40

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced today through her Twitter feed that she’s entering the race to succeed Michael Bloomberg as mayor of the Big Apple. If elected, she’d become both the city’s first female and first out gay mayor.

“I’m running for mayor because I love this city. It’s the greatest place in the world,” Quinn said in a video linked to her post, before setting out to start what she called a walk-and-talk tour intended to take her to every neighborhood in the city before the Democratic primary in September.

Opposition to same-sex marriage is decreasing among the general population and is now generally confined to older people, white evangelical Christians and non-college-educated whites, according to a new study of election polls and other surveys conducted by two pollsters – a Democrat and a Republican.

Freedom to Marry, an organization that advocates for marriage equality, commissioned the study – a follow-up to a May 2011 report showing that support for same-sex marriage began accelerating in 2009.

A Mississippi congressman on Tuesday asked the FBI to review the slaying of an openly gay mayoral candidate to determine if any federal laws might have been violated.

U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson's district includes Clarksdale, where Marco McMillian was running. McMillian, 34, was found slain last week in a rural area nearby.

Chicago mayor urges supporters to press for marriage equality

Written by WiG Tuesday, 05 March 2013 06:36

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on March 4 sent a letter to his network of supporters urging them to contact their Illinois state representative to tell the lawmaker to support the marriage bill now pending in the Illinois House.

Emanuel, who worked for both presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and served in the U.S. House, wrote: