Gay vet discharged under DADT to serve in inauguration

Written by WiG Sunday, 20 January 2013 09:26

Former Air Force Sgt. David Hall, who was discharged under “don’t ask, don’t tell," will serve as a citizen co-chair of President Barack Obama's inauguration. There are eight such co-chairs for the celebration taking place Jan. 19-22 in Washington, D.C.

Hall currently is the director of development at OutServe-SLDN, which campaigned for the repeal of DADT and has worked for equal treatment of LGBT servicemembers and their families.

Petition calls for Michele Bachmann’s removal from committee

Written by WiG Saturday, 19 January 2013 06:10

People For the American Way collected more than 178,000 signatures petitioning U.S. House Speaker John Boehner to remove Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., from the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in the 113th Congress.

The liberal organization dedicated to monitoring and challenging ultra-right efforts in the United States says Bachmann has abused her post on the committee.

Wyoming lawmakers face gay marriage bill

Written by AP Thursday, 17 January 2013 09:05

Two Republican lawmakers are supporting proposals to either allow gay marriage or same-sex civil unions in Wyoming.

The Jackson Hole Daily reported this week that state Reps. Keith Gingery and Ruth Ann Petroff of Jackson are supporting the proposals from Democratic Rep. Cathy Connolly of Laramie.

Domestic partnership bill introduced in Florida

Written by WiG Thursday, 17 January 2013 05:01

Florida Sen. Eleanor Sobel has introduced the Families First bill to extend legal protections to same-sex couples in the Sunshine State.

Sobel said, 

“This bill makes a lasting change in the lives of many Florida families. By keeping couples together through affording them the same equal rights, we are supporting Florida families.”

Republicans flee Washington in advance of Obama inauguration

Written by AP Sunday, 20 January 2013 08:35

For many Republicans, this is a good weekend to get away from it all.

With hundreds of thousands of Democrats traveling to nation’s capital for President Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremonies, Republicans and supporters of last fall’s GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, are leaving town for sunny vacation destinations and company conferences or staying indoors and avoiding the crowds.

A federal judge considering San Francisco’s public nudity ban rejected arguments that simply disrobing in public was protected political speech akin to flag burning.

U.S. District Judge Edward Chen made his comments during a 90-minute hearing held Jan. 17 to consider the new law requiring the covering of “genitals, perineum, and anal region” that is set to go into effect on Feb. 1.

Pastor consecrates bishops by lying on top of them

Written by AP
and WiG reports
Thursday, 17 January 2013 08:44

A Detroit pastor wants YouTube to remove a video of him lying on top of new bishops as part of their consecration ceremony (see video here).

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson told The Detroit News that insults left on his Facebook page have “been a main attack on homosexuals.”

LGBT non-discrimination bill introduced in Puerto Rico

Written by AP Wednesday, 16 January 2013 14:53

Puerto Rico’s legislature is expected to approve a long sought-after bill that would make it a crime to discriminate against people based on their gender or sexual orientation.

The bill was submitted on Jan. 15 by Sen. Ramon Luis Nieves of the Popular Democratic Party, which gained control of the Senate and House of Representatives after November’s general election.

Inauguration webcast live

Written by WiG Saturday, 19 January 2013 09:16

A live webcast of the presidential inauguration can be found at the White House website at

Wis. governor to speak at conservative conference

Written by WiG,
AP reports
Thursday, 17 January 2013 13:11

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, R, is slated to join Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and others scheduled to speak at a meeting of a national conservative lobbying group in March.

Walker is just one of several prominent speakers scheduled to appear at the Conservative Political Action Conference – CPAC – organized by the American Conservative Union March 14-16.

UK police accused of wrongly taking DNA from gay men

Written by The Associated Press Thursday, 17 January 2013 06:46

In 1983, Stephen Close was arrested, jailed and expelled from the British army for having sex with a male squad mate.

Three decades later, police tracked him down to the northern England city of Salford and demanded a sample of his DNA.

GLAAD, the nation's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender media advocacy and anti-defamation organization, announced Jan. 16 the nominees for its 24th annual GLAAD Media Awards.

The awards, according to GLAAD, "serve as a benchmark for the media industry and complement GLAAD's work to bring LGBT images and stories to Americans."