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NC appeals ruling on anti-abortion license plate

Written by AP Monday, 07 January 2013 09:49

The state of North Carolina is appealing a federal judge’s ruling that it can’t offer anti-abortion license plates unless it also makes plates available for people who support abortion rights.

The state filed notice late last week that it’s appealing the decision last month by Judge James Fox, who said offering just the one license plate violates the First Amendment. The state’s notice included no comment beyond the appeal.

‘Irresistible’ woman asks court to rehear firing case

Written by AP Monday, 07 January 2013 05:39

A dental assistant fired because her boss thought she was too attractive wants the Iowa Supreme Court to reconsider its decision rejecting her discrimination lawsuit.

Melissa Nelson’s attorney asked the all-male court late last week to withdraw its Dec. 21 ruling, which she called a “significant blow to gender equality.”

Quick push for same-sex marriage in Illinois gets set back

Written by AP Sunday, 06 January 2013 08:06

Hopes that Illinois could quickly become the 10th state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage bogged down last Thursday when the bill’s Democratic supporters backed off plans to hold a full Senate vote on it and went home after Friday’s scheduled session was canceled.

Same-sex marriage advocates entered the lame-duck session last Wednesday with high expectations of passing a bill by the assembly’s Jan. 9 curtain. Backers were riding a wave of momentum from successes during the November elections as well as public encouragement from President Barack Obama.

Auction of Johnny Weir costumes benefits LGBT youth

Written by AP Saturday, 05 January 2013 05:25

A suburban Philadelphia company is auctioning off clothing from the closet of figure-skating star Johnny Weir to raise money for charity.

The Bucks County Courier Times reports that Horsham-based Linda's Closet will sell items including costumes from "Skating with the Stars" and practice costumes from the 2006-2007 Olympic season. It's also selling some of Weir's skates.

Gay marriage remains a tough sell in Illinois

Written by SARA BURNETT,
AP writer
Monday, 07 January 2013 07:33

The stalling of Illinois’ gay-marriage push – at least for now – shows the difficulty of approving legislation to legalize it, even with a nudge from the home-state president, steadily rising support in the polls and national momentum from the November elections.

Democrats control both chambers of the General Assembly and the governor’s office in the solidly blue state. Yet the margin of support Senate Democrats were able to pull together for a bill last week was so thin that a death in one lawmaker’s family and another senator’s extended trip to Israel were enough to push the issue into the next legislative session.

Indiana lawmaker wants Lord’s Prayer in schools

Written by AP Monday, 07 January 2013 05:13

A Republican state senator is pushing for Indiana’s public school students to start the school day by reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

Senate education committee chairman Dennis Kruse of Auburn has filed legislation that would let school districts require the prayer to be recited, but would also grant broad exemptions.

A Springfield, Ill., priest is on administrative leave after calling 911 to report that he was unable to remove a pair of handcuffs he’d been “playing with.”

Father Tom Donovan placed a 911 call on Nov. 28 from the rectory of St. Aloysius Parish asking for help getting out of the cuffs “before this becomes a medical emergency.”

House adopts rules that include support for anti-gay marriage fight

Written by AP Saturday, 05 January 2013 05:22

The House of Representatives this week adopted Republican-written rules for the chamber that reflect the party’s efforts to cut spending, stop government regulations and oppose same-sex marriage.

Traditionally, the House rules package reflects the majority party’s legislative positions and is opposed by the minority. The package passed in a mostly party-line vote of 228-196.

Kansas case highlights legal issues for sperm donors

Written by AP Monday, 07 January 2013 05:49

Experts believe a Kansas sperm donor being sued by the state for child support put himself in a precarious legal position by getting involved in a lesbian couple’s do-it-yourself artificial insemination.

Kansas law states that a sperm donor is not the father of a child if a doctor handles the artificial insemination. But the law does not specifically address the donor’s rights and obligations when no doctor was involved.

Cher in development deal with Logo television

Written by WiG Sunday, 06 January 2013 10:41

Logo, the LGBT-focused cable TV channel owned by Viacom, is in a development deal with Cher to produce a new series about 1960s Hollywood, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Logo announced the project yesterday at the Television Critics Association press tour. Terms of the deal were not revealed, but a Logo official said Cher is collaborating with comedian Ron Zimmerman to create a pilot script. Zimmerman, who’s been romantically linked to Cher in recent years, includes “Shake It Up!” and “‘Til Death” among his recent TV writing credits.

Women’s history pioneer Gerda Lerner dies at 92

Written by The Associated Press Saturday, 05 January 2013 08:09

Gerda Lerner spent her 18th birthday in a Nazi prison, sharing a cell with two gentile women arrested for political work who shared their food with the Jewish teenager because jailers restricted rations for Jews.

Lerner would say years later that the woman taught her during those six weeks how to survive and that the experience taught her how society can manipulate people. It was a lesson that the women’s history pioneer, who died Wednesday at age 92, said she saw reinforced in American academia by history professors who taught as though only the men were worth studying.

Catholic leader in England urges ‘no’ on gay marriage

Written by AP Friday, 04 January 2013 17:07

The leader of Roman Catholics in England and Wales has urged followers to write to their representatives in Parliament to oppose the government’s plans to legalize gay marriage.

In a letter read to congregations over the weekend, Archbishop Vincent Nichols called for Catholics to express their views “clearly, calmly and forcefully.”