‘Patriotic Millionaires’ demands to see Trump’s tax returns

'Patriotic Millionaires' demands to see Trump's tax returns

Patriotic Millionaires marched over the weekend, demanding that President Donald Trump release his tax returns.

Patriotic Millionaires in their own words:

“I believe our government has important responsibilities to help make this country a good place to live, not to just cut my taxes at the expense of the low income and middle class. I’m deeply concerned the upcoming tax plan will be used as just another opportunity to cut my taxes and the taxes of other wealthy people, making our country a worse place to live for everybody” said Patriotic Millionaire Rich Boberg.

“‘I’m being audited’ is not an excuse for President Trump to not release his 2016 tax return. Tax returns are not under audit the day they are submitted! This is particularly important because the Republican congress is about to consider tax reform. Frankly, the republicans should demand their release because this will be a major obstacle to getting public support for their tax agenda. Remember the Obamacare debacle?” said Patriotic Millionaire Frank Patitucci, CEO of NuCompass Mobility.

“This Tax Day, when millions of Americans are fulfilling their civic duties, President Trump should fulfill his obligation to the American people and release his tax returns. The American people need to know there are no conflicts of interest in the White House. President Trump has a vast array of business ties that could conflict with his responsibilities as President. If the White House is advocating for tax policies, the American people need to know how the president and his family may benefit,” said Patriotic Millionaire Terry Meehan, chairman of Azimuth Investment Management LLC.

“If Trump wants to run the country like a business, then he, the CEO, needs to answer to the board, the citizenry. We, the board, want transparency, and we want to see to what degree our CEO is compromising our legacy. Show us the numbers. You are not selling us real estate, anymore. You ran for president. Accept the consequences,” said Patriotic Millionaire Pierce Delahunt, a philanthropist.

“There is just too much at stake with Trump’s tax return. We can’t allow conflicts of interest to hold the US presidency hostage to a nation that is trying to destabilize our democracy. The fact that President Trump refuses to budge on this issue is not a good sign. He should relent,” said Patriotic Millionaire John Hooker, a retired healthcare professional.