Eric Trump says Ron Johnson to play role of dad’s Washington insider

Stumping for his father in Wisconsin, Eric Trump crowed that Sen. Ron Johnson can help execute his father’s vision as president by working from “within Washington” while Donald Trump brings an outsider’s perspective to the White House.

Eric Trump spoke to The Associated Press before a series of campaign stops for his father in western Wisconsin, including a couple with Johnson, who’s locked in a tight re-election race against Democrat Russ Feingold.

One flashpoint in the race has been Johnson’s attempts to cast himself as a Washington outsider and Feingold as a career politician. The Feingold campaign immediately seized on Trump’s remarks as evidence that Johnson isn’t the outsider he claims to be.

“Eric Trump couldn’t have said it better: Sen. Johnson is the Trump family’s personal Washington insider to show them around D.C.,” Feingold spokesman Michael Tyler said.

Asked why he’s campaigning with Johnson, who is already in Washington, Eric Trump said, “It’s a great question. You also need people from within Washington. You need people who know how the government works and can go in there and shred apart the parts that aren’t working.”

Johnson spent his career in the business world before defeating Feingold in 2010 during a mid-term tea party wave election that saw GOP candidates upset Democrats across the country at all levels of government. Their rematch this year is one of a handful of races that could swing the Senate to Democratic control.

Yesterday, the National Republican Senatorial Committee said it was making a last-minute $1 million investment in the race. It released a television ad blasting Feingold as a hypocrite on campaign finance, a theme Johnson has hammered during the campaign.

PACs supported by the Koch brothers have also invested very heavily in the race on Johnson’s behalf.

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