At least 11,331 Wisconsin jobs went overseas in last 5 years

Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Federal data reveals the economic wreckage caused by the large-scale outsourcing of Wisconsin jobs since Gov. Scott Walker and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson took office. They’ve aided and abetted multinational corporations in selling out Wisconsin workers for short term profits.

Data kept by the U.S. Department of Labor shows that at least 11,331 Wisconsin jobs have been outsourced to other countries since Walker’s scandal-ridden “jobs” agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, was launched July 1, 2011. This is a very low-end estimate of the impact of outsourcing in Wisconsin, because it only accounts for groups of workers who successfully applied for Trade Adjustment Assistance from the federal government by proving their jobs were eliminated because of global trade agreements. It does not account for outsourcing to other states or downsizing. In those cases, it’s not possible to prove jobs went to a foreign country or were impacted by global trade deals.

Walker and Johnson have consistently supported a rigged economic system that allows multinational corporations to pit Wisconsin workers against low-wage foreign workers.

Walker’s WEDC has consistently refused to hold accountable the corporations that take public job creation dollars and then outsource Wisconsin jobs. The WEDC board has refused to require corporations receiving public dollars to create a net positive number of jobs (i.e. not to outsource and downsize more jobs than they are paid to create).

Recently a Citizen Action of Wisconsin open records request found that WEDC is not enforcing its own 30 day notice policy for outsourcing and downsizing. Senator Dave Hansen and Reps. Andy Jorgensen and Debra Kolste introduced a bill that would have banned corporations who outsource from receiving state economic aid for five years. But it was voted down by the conservative majorities in both chambers.

While Walker has aided and abetted outsourcing through state government,  Johnson has done nothing to challenge unfair trade deals that rig the economy against Wisconsin workers. This is not surprising, given that during his election campaign in 2010 Johnson touted global trade deals like NAFTA as “creative destruction.” Johnson touts his manufacturing credentials, but seems oblivious to the impact of outsourcing on manufacturing workers across the state.

“The continuing toll of outsourcing in Wisconsin is not a natural disaster; it is human made. Accountability is coming to all the politicians who are aiding and abetting the outsourcing of their constituents’ jobs,” said Robert Kraig, executive director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. “The public is on to the fact that the political and corporate establishment are committing economic treason against Wisconsin workers. The public is also increasingly realizing that if the economy can be rigged against workers, it can also be re-rigged in our favor through policies that expand economic opportunity.”

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