Man bound for West Hollywood Pride arrested with arsenal

Authorities have arrested a man in Santa Monica, California, allegedly carrying an arsenal of weapons and ammunition. Police said the man was on his way to an LGBT Pride celebration in West Hollywood.

News of the arrest came as the nation was focused on the massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, where 50 people were killed and dozens injured before the gunman was shot dead by police.

In Santa Monica, police were alerted by a caller reporting a possible prowler.

Officers approached the man, who said he was waiting for a friend, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

The officers inspected the man’s car and found several weapons, as well as ammunition and a device that could be used as a pipe bomb.

The car showed Indiana license plates and authorities said the man said he was on his way to the Pride event. Law enforcement planned to increase security at the celebration.

Elsewhere, police were stepping up patrols in LGBT communities and LGBT communities, including Milwaukee’s and Chicago’s, were planning tributes and remembrances for the victims in Orlando.

Also, the president ordered the U.S. flag to be flown at half-mast until sunset June 16.