Worldwide Pride: Celebrations around the globe

“Solidarity Through Pride” is the theme uniting the many LGBT Pride events — picnics and parades, protests and rallies — taking place in 2016 around the globe.

Some Pride dates around the world …


= June: Colombia Pride Diversa in Bogota; Budapest Pride in Hungary; Edinburgh Pride Scotia in Scotland; and Istanbul Pride.

= June 1-4: Tel Aviv Pride.

= June 4: Aarhus Pride in Denmark.

= June 3-12: Edmonton Pride in Canada.

= June 11: Athens Pride; Bali Pride in Indonesia.

= June 11-12: Blackpool Gay Pride in England.

= June 13: Roma Pride in Rome.

= June 13-19: Baltic Pride in Lithuania.

= June 17-26: Shanghai Pride.

= June 16-20: Sitges Pride in Spain.

= June 17-26: Oslo Pride.

= June 18-21: Korea Queer Festival and Parade in Seoul.

= June 18-25: Milano Pride in Italy.

= June 22-26: Gay Pride Dublin.

= June 23-28: Mexico City Pride.

= June 24-July 3: Toronto Pride.

= June 25: Paris Gay Pride March.

= June 25-26: London Pride.

= June 26: Bologna Pride in Italy.

= June 27-July 3: Helsinki Gay Pride in Finland.

= June 29-July 3, Madrid Pride Festival.


= July 1-3: Cologne Pride.

= July 2: Paris Pride.

= July 4-9: Luxembourg Pride.

= July 9-10: Munich Pride.

= July 13-17: Limerick Pride.

= July 15-17: CSD Frankfurt in Germany.

= July 16-23: Berlin Pride.

= July 25-31: Stockholm Pride in Sweden.

= July 29-Aug. 7: Belfast Gay Pride.

= July 30-Aug. 7: Hamburg Gay Pride.

= July 31: Vancouver Gay Pride.


= August: Cornwall, Cymru, Doncaster and Kent Prides in the United Kingdom.

= Aug. 2-7: Reykjavik Pride in Iceland.

= Aug. 5-7, EuroPride in Amsterdam.

= Aug. 8-14: Fierte Montreal Pride and Prague Pride in the Czech Republic.

= Aug. 10-14, Antwerp Pride in Belgium.

= Aug. 16-21: Copenhagen Pride.

= Aug. 17-24: Mykonos XLsior in Greece.

= Aug. 26-29: Manchester Pride.

= Aug. 26-Sept. 5: Pride Calgary.


= September: Quebec City Pride; Brisbane Pride; Leicester Pride and Lincoln Pride in England.

= Sept. 5-11: Benidorm Gay Pride in Spain.

= Sept. 26-Oct. 2: Curaçao Pride in the Caribbean.


= October: Johannesburg Pride.

= Oct. 10-18: Gran Canaria: Fetish Week in Spain.

= Oct. 27-31: Amsterdam Leather Pride.

= Oct. 29: Taiwan LGBT Pride in Taipei.

= Oct. 29-Nov. 3: Canberra Queer Festival in Australia.N


= November: Buenos Aires Gay Pride; Hong Kong Pride; Gay Pride Brazil in Rio de Janeiro; Tas Pride Festival in Tasmania, Australia.

= Nov. 14: Adelaide Pride March in Australia.


= Dec. 6: Manila Metro Pride


Alan Cumming hosts UN LGBT gala

Scottish actor and activist Alan Cumming says he was pleased to host the first LGBT gala ever held at the United Nations, but he also finds it a bit silly that it’s taken so long.

“Well I think it’s sort of like a little chink in the armor of bigotry on a worldwide level because it is symbolic that this is happening in this institution and also kind of ridiculous at the same time that this is the first time anything like this has happened at the U.N.,” Cumming said.

The gala in mid-May, sponsored by Outright Action International, marked a turning point at the U.N., which only last August held the first Security Council meeting spotlighting violence and discrimination against LGBT people.

The gala honored Indonesian gay rights activist Yuli Rustinawati and her organization, Arus Pelangi, just as her government was considering a law that defines threats to national security so broadly that LGBT and human rights defenders could be considered criminals.

Hearing about the proposed law, Cumming scoffed: “I mean if the state needs to be threatened with the idea of equality then good. I hope those homosexuals do threaten the state. I mean if they threaten with equality, it’s not so bad.”

— AP

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