Poll gives Walker slight lead over Burke

Wisconsin Gazette

Polling on a likely general election matchup for governor in Wisconsin shows Republican Gov. Scott Walker with a small lead over Democrat Mary Burke.

Burke is the frontrunner in the Democratic primary.

The poll by Public Policy Polling showed Walker with 48 percent of the vote and Burke with 45 percent. She gained slightly since September, when she had 42 percent support.

Walker, in the poll, had an approval rating of 50 percent and a disapproval rating of 47 percent — proving how divided the state has become.

PPP said the incumbent has the GOP base on “lockdown” with 93 percent support and a disapproval rating of just 4 percent in his party.

So, PPP said, Burke must win with independents — a group she currently has a narrow advantage with.

PPP found Democrats have a slight edge on a generic legislative ballot at 45/41, including an advantage with independents.

Voters in the poll were divided over U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s job performance. Her approval rating is at 42 percent. Her disapproval rating is at 41 percent.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s approval rating is at 34 percent, 2 points lower than his disapproval rating.

On other questions:

• 45 percent approval of Barack Obama’s job performance, 50 percent disapprove.

• 36 percent have a favorable opinion of Burke.

Also, on April 24, Time magazine announced that it included Walker in its list of top 100 influential people in 2014. The tribute to the governor was written by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Walker wrote the tribute to U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan when he made the list several years ago.