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Gay Chicago couple ousted from cab over kiss

A gay Chicago couple say they were ejected from a cab for sharing a brief peck on the lips, according to a report filed by Chicago's CBS-2.

Steven White told a CBS-2 reporter that he and his boyfriend Matt McCrea were on their way from O’Hare Airport to the city's North Side on the evening of May 30 when McCrea “leaned over to look at something on the phone and then he leaned in to kiss me.”

McCrea says it was a brief, closed-mouth kiss, but one that drew a swift, negative response from the cab driver.

“He indicated that it was a public mode of transportation and we shouldn’t kiss in his cab,” White told the new channel. “He pulled the cab over and stopped and wanted us to get out – on the Kennedy (expressway).”

The driver ended up leaving the couple just off the expressway at a Dominique's grocery story, where they contact the Park Ridge Police Department. The driver told police that the couple was “making sex,” but police found no proof of that.

Sun Taxi Associates would not respond to CBS-2, but the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, which oversees taxi operations, said drivers cannot discriminate under the law.

The couple plans to file a complaint, and the department said it would investigate.

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